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we deliver the ingredients that matter. we deliver the ingredients that matter.


I have been using TDF Facial Wash for more than 16 years! I used to have oily and acne skin but not anymore! This is the best product so far and I can’t live without it!! My skin is now so flawless.

See Tee, Singapore

Great product. Especially the E-Rase cream. But TDF should be made easier to purchase online. Please create a direct online shop or work with some online platforms for people to get products

Aimi, Singapore

I used the TDF Skin Freshener. The result is steady and maximum.

Titik, Indonesia

Fairence has lightened my pigmentation and my skin looks fairer and more radiant. I will continue to use it to control my pigmentation. I also use TDF C Scape Serum and AHA lotion to enhance lightening.

Jade Lee, Singapore

My teenage son has very oily skin and breakouts every now and then. After he used TDF Acne Cleansing Powder, within a week, his acne flares subsided and oiliness was controlled without excessive drying.

Sarah, Singapore

This product is really good on my oily and acne prone skin…they are all gone…even the oil on my face is decreased…my friend also can see the difference…

Aizuddin, Malaysia

Best treatment on Acne E-Rase, really worked on my skin. Nice share to all acne problem fans.

Stella, Singapore

I saw TDF Acne Cleansing Powder worked wonders to my brother’s skin. I tried it and I am hooked into it. Now I am using TDF’s toner and moisturiser from their Oily and Acne Skin range too.

Denise, Singapore